102pcs Sanding Drum Bands Set Bits for Nail Drill Kit Proxxon Foredom Rotary Tools 80 Grit

  • $22.99


Our sanding drum set are exclusive designed to do home improvement, art craft and woodworks. Common and standard drum can fit for all rotary tools. 80 grit sanding bands can can use for smoothing inside and outside curved edges, surface preparation, finishing soft and hard exteriors like wood, woodworks, fiberglass and to shape fine woodcraft designs, which are easy to use and work extremely well.


- Color: Red.

- Material: Abrasive belt.

- Turn your rotary tool into versatile high-speed sander.

- Accessory to sand, shape, groove & finish soft & hard woods, fiberglass & more.- Use for refining the nail edges / shaping the edges / surface of acrylic nail and gel nail.- Removing excess glue and material from the underside of acrylic / gel nail.

- Can be used for natural nails as well as artificial nails.

- For professional studio use or home use.

- Grit: 80#

Package Listing

30 x Sanding Bands Sleeves (S)

30 x Sanding Bands Sleeves (M)

30 x Sanding Bands Sleeves (L)

4 x 3mm Mandrel (S)

4 x 3mm Mandrel (M)

4 x 3mm Mandrel (L)